Hello and welcome to the Doom Wiki. If you don't mind, I'd like to give you a few pointers on how to make even better contributions in the future.

First off, please don't use contractions in the main articles (on talk pages it's okay though). For example, don't write "you'll" and "it's" - instead write "you will" and "it is". Another thing to keep in mind is capitalization. Please do not capitalize words to emphasize them as you have done here: "saving a game ON a lift". All-caps should also be avoided when typing out the names of the covered games; our policy states that Doom should indeed be written "Doom", not "DOOM". Generally speaking the goal is to write in a formal and polished tone, thus creating a refined, clean and reliable Doom encyclopedia. Further pointers and tips can be found on our policies and guidelines page, which I'd advice you to read through.

One more thing - screenshots. You have uploaded several screenshots that demonstrate vanilla Doom behaviour. They are very useful images and certainly serve a purpose, but would benefit from a couple of renovations. Firstly, it is generally not a good idea to include operating system graphics such as the window titlebars and borders etc. in the screenshots as it is basically just unnecessary clutter (in addition to being somewhat against our images policy). Furthermore, I'd advise you to save screenshots in either GIF or PNG format. The JPEG file format's compression isn't really suitable for screenshots as it leads to slightly garbled images, as is the case with your screenshots. If you can, please upload suitable replacements. I can provide further instructions if needed.

Oh, and thank you for your promising contributions so far, and I hope that you will have fun editing this wiki! -- Janizdreg 18:37, 20 October 2008 (UTC)