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re-organising the deep water and invisible floor trick pages[edit]

Hi, I've just put Editing:self-referencing_sector together, and here's what I think we should do with the two special trick articles you wrote.

  1. you should think of a name for technique you describe in Editing:Deep water. I think the one used in Editing:Invisible_floors is the same as the self-referencing sector trick (which it would appear would be more aptly named the second-sidedef-doesn't-reference-the-parent-sector trick)
  2. create an article describing the specific technique, now you have a name for it
  3. the Editing:Deep water page article should then reference your article, the self-referencing one, and ones's we will write about legacy's deep water, the boom 242 linedef type, missing sidedef bleed bug, and all the other approaches, as ways of implementing deep water.

What do you think? -- Jdowland 14:42, 2 Jul 2005 (UTC)