Axe me a question.

(And find the reference.)

Welcome, but...[edit]

Hi and thanks for your contributions. However... I'm sorry to say they require a lot of... refinement. Some tips:

  • Keep an eye on Recent Changes after your edits, articles you've worked on are bolded. If they are edited again soon by someone else, take a look at the differences and the edit summary to understand how your contribution could be improved (if the changes pertained to your edit and not something else).
  • The FAQ and guidelines provide a lot of assistance about a wide array of topics. You don't have to learn them by heart :) but when attempting a new task it's useful to read up a bit on that topic beforehand.
    E.g. screenshots should always have a suitable license and preferably include a summary and use 4:3 aspect ratio without black bars.
  • Check what's already available to avoid uploading duplicate screenshots. E.g. AV already had a credits screen making yours redundant, and you didn't load the Dehacked file when playing so your text screen shows the original Doom II text instead of AV's. Not mixing up map slots would also be helpful. :)
  • Uploading a few screenshots is only half the work, linking them in the article(s) they are meant to illustrate is the other half. Otherwise they just linger in the list of files which is kind of pointless. If you intend to contribute more shots, plan ahead what you want to illustrate where and how. E.g. to systematically illustrate a series of maps, take a look at how Ducon is doing it – but mind, I'm not asking you to do the same, only showing possibilities.
  • Wiki links should not have repeated text (that diff shows a lot more changes than just in your WADs list, but this remark pertains only to the list) unless you want the visible text to differ from the actual link. Yes, you probably followed the previous user's bad example. :)

I realize the above may be a bit much in one go, but I wanted to be clear and somewhat complete before I become too frustrated with fixing up your stuff. I hope I've haven't deterred you from contributing but instead pointed out ways to learn and improve. Every editor/contributor started the same way, making mistakes and learning how to prevent them (most of the time... ;) ). The overall goal is not only to improve the wiki's content and quality, but also enjoy what we're doing here. HTH and thanks for your patience. --Xymph (talk) 09:11, 25 June 2020 (CDT)