Capitalization pointers[edit]

Hello, and welcome to the Doom Wiki. Overall, your contributions have been excellent so far, and I'd like to thank you for your valuable work. Keep it up!

However, I would like to bring something to your attention concerning your edits here. Firstly, the current consensus about the capitalization of monster names is that they shouldn't be capitalized (see some related discussion here (and yes, nowhere near every article reflects this at this point). If you disagree with this method, feel free to open up a new policy discussion on the subject, preferably at the Central Processing. Secondly, headers shouldn't be capitalized either (apart from the first letter and proper nouns). A quote from our policy: "Only the first word and proper nouns in a page title, heading, or subheading should be capitalized." Generally this wiki aims to mirror Wikipedia's official style conventions.

Thank you again, and feel free to message me or other admins if you got any questions. Happy editing! -- Janizdreg 02:18, 25 April 2009 (UTC)

More tips[edit]

I'd like to give you a couple more pointers if you don't mind.

  • Use edit summaries. You should write a brief description/summary of your edits before submitting them. These summaries should be written to the "Summary:" box below the actual edit box. The point of using summaries is that it shows other users what you are doing without them having to actually view your edits in detail. Better yet, it makes the recent changes list and article edit histories a whole lot more useful and readable.

  • Don't remove wikilinks unless they are overly excessive. Edits such as this one aren't usually useful, unfortunately.
    • The rule of thumb for using wikilinks on a word used multiple times per article is that the word should be wikilinked at least once per main article section (i.e. text under a double equals header), preferably by wikilinking the very first instance of the word in the section. Exceptionally long main sections can very well include multiple wikilinks for the same repeated word. You can also wikilink the initial repetitions of the word in sub-section(s) (i.e. text under headers with three or more equals), especially if the sub-section(s) are longer than a few sentences.
    • The rationale for this is that often viewers only read some sections of an article, and each section should ideally provide wikilinks for these readers too. -- Janizdreg 06:21, 25 April 2009 (UTC)