Friendly feedback[edit]

Hello, Fox666. I've now gone through your first series of edits and have made minor fixes to some of them. I'd like to point out a few things that stood out during the process.

You modified the information in the article Wolfenstein 3D and, in my opinion, brought new relevant facts to it. However, if you change the place of some text section by copy-pasting, it is highly desirable that you remove the corresponding content from its old position to avoid redundancy. Please do so in your future edits.

It seems to me that you have made assumptions in some of your edits; in the article zombieman you wrote that the possessed humans are solely space marines. I couldn't find a citation for this so I changed this to "local persons", referring mainly to the various UAC employees that were present during the monster invasion. Also, in final boss you wrote about the monster having a gigantic body, and you based this piece of information on an endgame text. I let this one be in the article but still I didn't quite get the indication you mentioned about. Could you detail your reference?

Now, your edit in the article barrel left me confused. By playing both Doom and Doom II, I simply couldn't figure out another way for the barrel frames to be organised. The edit remains pending. I'd like to have some more information from you about this as well before approving the change. Alternatively, another editor may check that one.

Hopefully you don't find the message judgemental; I'm merely attempting to advise. For example, I think your table in map unit and the technical data in BFG9000 were really good additions. And so was the new information in Wolfenstein 3D. Thanks for your contributions so far. --Jartapran 02:08, 23 March 2012 (UTC)

Hi, thank you.
1. Most of these edits I have added a while ago in the Wikia, and I didn't realize it was left aside and the server moved. So I added my edits here all at once, that's probably why there are some copy & paste mistakes.
2. The zombieman use the very same uniform of the player and are also armed, so I think it's fair to assume they are space marines just like the player. And I think Zombiman entry in the manual would be enough of reference: Just a few days ago, you were probably swapping war stories with one of these guys. (...). But I understand your concern.
3. That part of the final boss was actually writen by someone else in the Wikia server. But I tought it was a relevant piece of information. It's not just by the end game text refering to "its trashing limbs", but also the "horrendous visage of the biggest demon you have ever seen".
4. If you check the barrel sprites, there are 3 frames used for the slime animation, 1 frame of the barrel inclined and more 3 frames of the barrel exploding. However in the actual game only the 2 first frames are used for the idle animation, while all the 5 remaining frames are used for the "dying" animation. However my English is not that good, so I wasn't quite sure of how to spell that. :/
Fox666 02:27, 23 March 2012 (UTC)

Page layout[edit]

Hey, for your concern with the layout-breaking picture in Sony PlayStation, I'd wish to note about a thing. The effect of the Final Doom picture appears to be highly dependent on the resolution of your monitor; when the size exceeds 1.280 units (x amount), the picture - indeed - starts to conquer space below the text to fit in the gameplay section. However, if one uses a size of 1.280 x 768, the picture fits perfectly next to the textual content.

I'm not certain what to do at these situations. What I would suggest is to give the picture a size to make it fit on both larger and smaller resolutions (I finally found a decent way to do so in E3M4, after many attempts). Thereby, if the Final Doom picture is to be replaced with the PSX gameplay pic, I would yet change its size a bit to make it fit well on smaller resolutions too. When I tested, a value of 256 would be sufficient; the picture wouldn't then bend any paragraphs.

Your version of the columns definitely looks better than mine, so it has been published already. --Jartapran 14:56, 15 June 2012 (UTC)


Sorry, but I still agree with Unmaker on the relevance of the change.

1. chainsaw vs. chaingun

Identical traits:

  1. They have the same attack rate. (525.0 /min)


  1. The chainsaw does not have a long range.
  2. The chainsaw does not consume ammo.
  3. The chainsaw has a different range of damage. (2-20 vs. 5-15)

When examining further:

2. fist vs. chainsaw

Identical traits:

  1. They cause the same damage. (2-20)
  2. They do not consume ammo.
  3. They have a short range.


  1. The fist has a different attack rate. (123.5 vs. 525.0 /min)

Thus, I don't get why you keep on comparing the chainsaw to the chaingun. Then again, in my opinion, neither of these two comparisons are relevant, because the weapons are simply different enough for one to say "they are/function exactly the same, but one has <this> and <this>".

If you had written "The chainsaw and the chaingun have the same attack rate (525.0 /min).", the addition would be a solid fact, but I still personally doubt if such a note was remarkable enough for inclusion. This, however, could be approved by another editor.

Anyway, you have proven to be capable of making good edits, but these "exact/identical while not nearly" things are something you should not add anymore. --Jartapran 19:30, 12 December 2013 (UTC)

Sorry, looking at it now the chainsaw and chaingun aren't so similar. Fox666 19:57, 12 December 2013 (UTC)

Derivation of numbers on Final boss[edit]

That kind of figure isn't unwelcome but you need to state how you derived it. In particular if heights are being discussed you need to be aware of the 16:10->4:3 transformation which results in a 20% height increase. There is no canonically established factor for conversion of a distance in pixels to one in meters either, so we need to avoid phrasing things in those units. Stating how many Barons high the total boss would be would be far more appropriate than use of fanon unit conversions. Doom itself isn't even self-consistent with its distances, as the player's eye height is approximately at nipple level compared to his sprite. --Quasar 00:57, 29 December 2013 (UTC)

I see. I estimated it to have an overall height of 1,300 pixels, if you put its head on a Baron of Hell body. That would be roughly converted in 40 meters, but I guess it is not a good idea to use that sort of conversion. My apology.
Fox666 01:28, 29 December 2013 (UTC)

Military ranks[edit]

I reverted your edit because the lists here, here, and here contradict your claims, first sergeant is a rank of multiple armed services in the US. Second, "commando" is not a formal military rank in any of them. Commander is, but those are not historically the same thing. --Quasar 01:36, 6 January 2014 (UTC)