Hello and welcome[edit]

Hi and welcome to the Doom Wiki! Just a few pointers for your future contributions:

  • Please name your image files with descriptive names, such as "OMGweapons.png" for your OMGweapons.wad screenshot which you named "DOOM0002.png". This will help keep the wiki structure easier to navigate, cleaner and more logical.
  • Please don't upload files with filenames that already exist, such as the "DOOM0002.png" that you uploaded, which ended up replacing a Heretic screenshot, which in turn forced me to revert your upload.
  • Please do not upload images if there is no article for the WAD, level or other topic featured in the image. Otherwise your image will end up being deleted.

Happy editing! -- Janizdreg 02:49, March 20, 2010 (UTC)