Hi Marctc, welcome to the Doom Wiki.  My comments on Talk:Doom homages weren't really directed at you, so I apologize if I sounded dismissive.  I was merely trying to solicit additional opinions about whether we should maintain the information (about the comic, songs, etc.) in one article or two.  A large amount of it may well have come from Wikipedia originally — I know Doom movie did, because I imported it.  :>

Unfortunately, this site doesn't have a complete copyright policy yet (mostly because it's a dull, tedious topic and no one wants to spend weeks talking it out).  If you have some experience with Wikipedia copyrights, then any new perspective you could offer would be welcome.  It's good that you tagged all the images you uploaded, although the D.U.M.B. one isn't actually a book cover; I changed it to the generic fair use version for now.    Ryan W 04:53, 20 March 2007 (UTC)