RAMP maps[edit]

Hi, and welcome to the wiki. From a fan I can understand you want to move forward on RAMP coverage since the WAD article is "already" two months old. :-) But I need to ask you to refrain from creating further map articles or uploading images. This type of initial work on a series of maps is extensively automated here. Further manual additions would get in the way of the scripts, so it really saves you and me a lot of time if the bot passes get completed first. For the map images however, this has been stalled since January pending the addition of UDMF support to the Omgifol library. Revenant is working on it I believe, but I don't know how long it'll take until it is ready for production. Thanks for your cooperation. --Xymph (talk) 07:48, 7 March 2022 (CST)

PS. The SLADE settings to generate map images meeting our standards can be found here and here. --Xymph (talk) 10:55, 7 March 2022 (CST)

Ok, sorry for any inconvenience. I didn't know about the automated scripting, nor was I able to find (in my very lazy research) the exact specifications on generating maps. As for the page I did make, thank you for cleaning it up. I didn't include the music track but I believe it is something from Soul Calibur but I wanted to find the specific track. I probably should have included the things table initially. Also, I got lazy with the garden table after I had to remember what some of the specific requirements were :(.
Anyways, thank you again. I'll hold off on editing RAMP further.
It occurs to me I don't know how messaging\etiquette works on wiki D: —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Rampfan101 (talkcontribs) .
No problem for one map, but that is why I had to stop you in your tracks. :) Doing skeletons and map views manually in a complete and consistent way is cumbersome for an episode, painful for a megawad, and masochistic for 200 maps. ;)
Keeping an eye on Recent Changes allows you to pick up on how things are done pretty quickly, but indeed it doesn't (and shouldn't, because of the volume) show bot updates by default; use the 'Show bots' link for that. The image settings were settled long ago, and since almost nobody else generates map views (because of the automation) I understand they are hard to find. The messaging is fine, with a few tweaks above (see here for signing).
Re. RAMP, perhaps you can add the missing hub section as yet, or update the total count? --Xymph (talk) 13:00, 7 March 2022 (CST)