"Added infobox, but cannot add latest release in said. I suspect this is due to editing rights."   — Please see documentation here and here.  The version and date for the latest release are stored on their own tiny pages.  Thanks!  Ryan W (living fossil) 15:30, 27 December 2019 (CST)

It seems i reached the end of what i picked up automatically, so thank you for providing these pages. I never would have found them otherwise. Ive applied this to the ggiDoom page and that came out succesful. Thanks again for linking these and ill incorporate these from here on out (and ill change it for Linux Heretic obviously.) -- Redneckerz

Welcome to DoomWiki![edit]

Belated welcome to DoomWiki! I noticed you're manually keeping a list of edits in your User page. You are of course welcome to do so, but you might find this automatic page easier: Special:Contributions/Redneckerz -- Shambler (talk) 07:43, 27 February 2020 (CST)

Hello! I have been here for a few months already ;) I was aware of the page, but never thought of this. It surely provides a more detailed log of what i did, so ill be putting this in somewhere. Thank you, Shambler, and nice to meet you! -- Redneckerz 16:05, 27 February 2020 (CET)

Server times[edit]

Hi, I think you mixed up the HTTP headers in this comment a bit: "Last-Modified: Wed, 12 Sep 2018" is indeed the last edit (or merely file system change, like a copy), but "Date: Mon, 25 May 2020" is simply the current server date/time. There's no 25 May 1998 there, nor in the article (source) itself. --Xymph (talk) 14:53, 25 May 2020 (CDT)

Yeah i actually don't know what happened. It added the 25 May 1998 timestamp automatically, which does not make sense to me if i retrieved it on 25 May 2020. I actually added that time (25 May 2020) in, the 1998 date was automatic. I should have gone with the September 2018 one (Which i saw) but i was not sure about this in regards to the term retrieved. If its September 12 2018, then lets just stick to that. Thanks for notifying. --Redneckerz (talk) 15:38, 25 May 2020 (CDT)

Catacomb 3D[edit]

Hi, I appreciate your addition of the CatacombGL section to this page. However, if you don't mind, I would like to make it a bit more maintenance friendly. I'm thinking of replacing it by a more general section about the Catacomb 3D source code release, with just a brief overview of Reflection Keen and CatacombGL. For a Doom centric wiki, I think that's sufficient. If you have any objections, please let me know. Regards, Arno (talk) 16:11, 1 January 2021 (CST)

No minds were given. A brief overview is equally sufficient. Thanks for reaching out! --Redneckerz (talk) 15:10, 2 January 2021 (CST)
Thank you! I've just updated Catacomb 3D. Arno (talk) 14:59, 3 January 2021 (CST)