Map images created in SLADE[edit]

Hi. I appreciate your adding of map images enormously but I'm hoping I can get you to adjust your default settings in the program so that it uses a white background and thicker lines. This creates a much better appearance (for contrast, see the historical versions of File:GBADoom MAP25 map.png. If you have trouble finding the settings in SLADE you might ask Gez about it as he's an expert on the program. --Quasar (talk) 17:51, 12 February 2016 (CST)

I've uploaded 2 more versions of the Fava Beans E1M1 map to the wiki. Both have an opaque white background. However, one is half the size of the other which seems to give thicker lines but reduces image quality slightly. I've tried tinkering around on SLADE but I'm not sure how to get both 1 to 1 scale and thick lines in these images. Are either of the images I've uploaded any good? --Rootof2 (talk) 05:23, 13 February 2016 (CST)
The newest version is good. Please beware of the issue which I speak of on its talk page with regard to uploading new image versions, however. --Quasar (talk) 18:39, 13 February 2016 (CST)