Aw WTFUDGE cant some one just recreate the playstation 1 Doom 1&2 version for a console? do to a car accident i am unable to use a mouse and key bourd but i am able to use a controler.that being said im limited in my gaming options ive always want to play the countless PC doom games but couldnt.When i herd bethseda was making doom for xbox one i was ready to quit my job and break up with my girlfriend and do nothing but kill creatures in the Abyss i should of read more reviews before i bought the game.Ya the graffics are ausome but to me its just like playing COD or halo dont get me worng those are great franchises and i enjoy playing them.But this is doom and im uesd to the old fashion way of gaming if it wasnt for my generation of gamers spending our hard earn cash doom would be nothing like it is today.Il even put up my own money if i could find a gaming company that would recreated the classic maps nut with the next gen consoles playing the old way not being able to look up and down with the stick rushing for what ever weapon is close enough to pick up with controlled speed burst and LB&RB striffing it would be and be epic again with gigantic maps and a remix of the creepiest sounds of 1993 doom so please i beg of you before my fingers stop working with my brain and before i am dead and gone could some one please remake classic doom with todays tech from ready the differant post on Doom world it sounds like you want this also so who do we have to bug to get this shit done???

Welcome to the Doom Wiki. I want to make sure you understand this is a community website that is unofficial and is not affiliated with Bethesda. We do enjoy Doom remakes, such as Classic Doom for Doom 3. Some people have been remaking classic maps in SnapMap already, albeit with limited fidelity. Maybe such a project will be possible in the future for modders to do? --Quasar (talk) 10:16, 16 May 2016 (CDT)