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Hi WildKard; what is this article for?  It is nearly an exact duplicate of the DHT criteria, which already have an article.  Unless it refers to a specific tournament or demo site, it seems redundant to me.    Ryan W 22:18, 5 March 2008 (UTC)

Version information[edit]

The super shotgun is specifically disabled in DOOM on purpose, just like the megasphere and the DOOM II enemies (each of these in their own way). If it weren't for the code exceptions saying that this stuff is used only in the commercial version (DOOM II), it could easily be added into a map if the sprites were made available in the IWAD for DOOM. It's for commercial reasons ("if you want DOOM II stuff, buy DOOM II") and not technical limitations that they refrained from adding these to any version of DOOM (and The Ultimate DOOM) after DOOM II was available. Also, DOOM reached v1.9 before The Ultimate DOOM was made. Both DOOM and DOOM II had a few bug-fix releases after v1.666, and since DOOM II's release they have always shared one engine. Who is like God? 17:42, 6 August 2008 (UTC)