Your Thoughts of Chocolate post[edit]

Hello and welcome to the Doom Wiki! For starters you should take a look at our policies and guidelines.

Speaking of our policies, your User:Zilken989/Thoughts of Chocolate... post doesn't unfortunately fill the requirements we have for articles, the most important thing missing being neutrality (as the post is quite obviously an opinion-based writing). However, your post would be perfectly fine as a blog post. Now, what I'm hoping you'll do is to repost your writing as a blog so that the misplaced article version can be deleted.

I must also comment that the Doom Wiki is first and foremost an encyclopedia and currently there isn't much random freeform discussion around here as so far we've concentrated almost solely on the formal encyclopedia content and the related discussions. Of course in the future the recent addition of the blogs functionality might lead to more freeform interaction in this community. But at the moment your best bet to find some informal Doom discussion are probably the Doomworld forums and the various Doom-related IRC channels.

Happy editing! -- Janizdreg 00:06, 30 July 2009 (UTC)

Nice to know... thank you and sorry for the issue Zilken989 03:24, 30 July 2009 (UTC)

No problem! You are the first user to post a blog anyway, so it's perfectly understandable that this happened.
I must point out one more thing though. When you tried to fix the post, you didn't actually recreate the post as a blog post, but you ended up creating it again as an article. It's probably somewhat my fault though, since I assume you followed the link at the top (in the merge warning) of the original post and recreated the post as an article at the linked location. However, blog posts are not created the same way as articles, but instead always by using the create blog page. If you wish to create more blog posts in the future, you can also open the blog creation tool (for example) like this: click your user name at the top right corner of the Doom Wiki, then click the third link next to your avatar titled "Blog" and after that click the link "Create new blog article". -- Janizdreg 04:21, 30 July 2009 (UTC)