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Codebase ADoom 0.8
Developer(s) Frank Wille
Initial release 0.1 (January 1998, 25 years ago)
Latest release 0.3 (1998-01-31, 25 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C
Target Platform Amiga (PPC)
License Doom Source License

VDoomPPC was a early source port of Doom for the Amiga, based on ADoom version 0.8. It is notable for being the first Amiga PowerPC port of Doom, greatly improving performance. It was created by Frank Wille who also created the 68k based version, VDoom68K. It targets Amiga's with PowerPC accelerators.


VDoomPPC's history is rather short, starting off as version 0.1 in January 1998. Basing itself around ADoom 0.8, it supported the majority of features, including networking support and improved demo playback. Its primary function was to provide increased performance using the PowerPC processor.


VDoomPPC only had one more release: Version 0.3, released on January 31, 1998. 0.3 introduced a Hi-Res executable to allow the game running in 640x400. This is also the most known version of VDoomPPC. It was discontinued when another port, ADoomPPC surpassed it in features. VDoomPPC being based off an older ADoom release meant VDoomPPC soon became obsolete.


  • 320x200 (same as Linux Doom)
  • High resolution support. This was done through a separate executable. As of version 0.3, VDoomPPC supports:
    • VDoomPPC_HiRes.exe - 640x400 resolution
  • Support for Doom and Doom II
  • Custom WAD support (Requires registered versions of Doom and Doom II. Not to be confused with DeHackEd support)
  • Works with ECS and AGA
  • RTG support, allows standardized resolutions and true colour screens to be available through common SVGA adapters
  • Sound support
  • Mouse support
  • -forcedemo option to force playing demos from different game versions of the WAD
  • Visible FPS counter
  • Network support (untested)


VDoomPPC requires a Amiga with AmigaOS 3.0+ and a PowerPC processor with 8MB of RAM.

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