VEGA Central Processing


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VEGA Central Processing

VEGA Central Processing is a level in Doom (2016), the complex which contains the supercomputer in which the UAC Mars Base's sentient artificial intelligence VEGA is housed. Unlike the rest of the Mars base, this facility is located in the region of Mars' polar ice cap, in order to aid in the facility's massive cooling requirements. The twelfth mission, I Am VEGA, takes place here.

"You reclaimed the Crucible and are returning to Mars. You must close The Well, the power source of the Hell portal on Mars, to do this you will have to make one last Hell-jump. Samuel has a plan to send you back to The Well's location, he will need your assistance to carry it out."
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Mission 12: I Am VEGA[edit]


Close The Well
Gain access to VEGA main security terminal
Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

The Doom marine must destroy VEGA's central processing unit, at the AI's own urging, into order to create another portal into Hell via use of the immense amount of Argent energy accumulated in VEGA's core. Before destroying the mainframe completely, the marine, of his own volition, and seemingly without the knowledge of Samuel Hayden, takes a backup copy of the AI with him.

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Variety is the Spice of Death III
Perform five different glory kills on imps.
Gore Pinata
Kill three demons with one frag grenade.
My Teeth are Sharper
Kill a cacodemon with the chainsaw.

Special items[edit]

Item Amount
Argent cells None
Combat support drones None
Elite guards 3
Rune trials None
Secrets 5


Picture Name Unlocks model How to find
Quakeguy Hell guard
Jungleguy Cyber-mancubus