VSB Doom

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VSB Doom
Codebase DOSDoom 0.3
Developer(s) Doug the Eagle
Latest release 0.2 (1998-02-10, 25 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C
Target Platform DOS
License Doom Source License

VSB Doom was a source modification made by Doug the Eagle, co-author of The Sky May Be. It is based on DOSDoom 0.3. It is inspired by the A.E van Vogt novel The Voyage of the Space Beagle, specifically the short story Black Destroyer. It implements several unusual mechanics, such as eating your enemies when they are a corpse, using health as ammo and a custom weapon.


VSB Doom originally started off as a DeHackEd patch, called Wavy-Hand Doom. Both the player and the imps would have the ability to destroy eachother by a wave from the hand. It suffered from balancing issues, becoming a battle to see who could wave first.

Wavy-Hand Doom then got ported over to DOSDoom, version 0.3. When the author found out about the Bombay 72 patch by Martin Howe, which also followed the original source material, the idea of using health as ammo was formed and the name rebranded to VSB Doom. Version 0.2 was released on February 10, 1998, upgrading the codebase to DOSDoom 0.47 enabling high resolution support and various balancing fixes.

This was the last release of the modification.


  • High resolution, hicolor modes (courtesy of DOSDoom 0.47)
  • A psychokinetic weapon to microwave enemies, relying on health as ammo, allows imps to be blown away
  • The ability to eat your enemies to retain your strength
  • Waving imps


  • In 2020, Martin Howe made a ZScript version of the corpse-eating mechanic as featured in VSB Doom, including the signature chomp sound enabling usage in GZDoom. Named consume.zip, it also includes a small WAD to demonstrate the mechanic.

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