Velocity Incorporated


Velocity Incorporated was a San Francisco, California-based game developer and publisher active from the late 1980's up until the 1996 release of Rogue Entertainment's Strife: Quest for the Sigil.

Velocity folded not long after the commercial failure of the Strife project. Rogue moved on to have their future games published by other companies, including id Software itself, and later Eidos Interactive, before they too dissolved.

There is very little information available about the demise of Velocity and the fate of the company's assets. Most if not all of the games they published have become "abandonware" and are not offered through any electronic distribution channels. This may be considered a firm sign that some of their copyrights have been orphaned and are therefore not available for licensing; others have been passed on through private sale to various intellectual property holders, while some are retained by the games' original developers. Strife is one such game, with its rights initially split between two holders. Nightdive Studios has subsequently purchased all of the rights to that game and its branding.

List of games[edit]

Games created or published by Velocity included the following:

  • JetFighter: The Adventure (1988; DOS)
  • JetFighter II: Advanced Tactical Fighter (1990; DOS)
  • Spectre (1991; DOS, Mac, Super Nintendo)
  • JetFighter II: Operation Lightning Storm (1992; DOS)
  • Spectre Supreme (1993; Mac)
  • Spectre VR (1993; DOS, Mac, Win3.x)
  • Megaspectre (1993; FM Towns)
  • Strife: Quest for the Sigil (1996; DOS)


Compilations published by Velocity and by other companies included some of Velocity's games:

  • Big 10 Simulation-Action
  • Megapak 2
  • Mindscape CD-ROM Challenge Pack 2
  • Power Game III
  • Velocity Classics: Volume 1 (included JetFighter II, Spectre, and Oh no! More Lemmings)

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