Title screen
Authors Squonker Team
Port Vanilla Doom
Year 2022
Link Doomworld/idgames

Vigor is a twenty-level megawad for Doom II by the Squonker Team, designed for vanilla Doom, that was released on February 3, 2022. Inspired by Erik Alm's Scythe and E.M.'s GOTTAGOFAST, this megawad aims for short speedmaps and kinetic gameplay.


Custom monsters[edit]

Evil Marine
The Evil Marine from Scythe 2 makes an appearance, but with a reduced 300 health points and a slower speed. It replaces the Wolfenstein SS.


Current records[edit]

The DSDA episode records for Vigor are:

Run Time Player Date File Notes
UV max episode, MAP01-MAP10 16:23 Andrea Rovenski (Cyberdemon531) 2022-09-01
UV max episode, MAP11-MAP20 20:01 Andrea Rovenski (Cyberdemon531) 2022-09-02
UV max episode, MAP21-MAP30 18:44 Andrea Rovenski (Cyberdemon531) 2022-08-31
UV max run 1:35:09 Andrea Rovenski (Cyberdemon531) 2022-09-02
NoMo episode, MAP01-MAP10 01:42 Andrea Rovenski (Cyberdemon531) 2022-09-03
NoMo run 13:35 kvothesixstring 2022-08-21

The data was last verified in its entirety on September 21, 2022.


  • Though the third release by the Squonker Team, Vigor was the first WAD to be started by the group.

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