Title screen
Author James Cresswell
Port ZDoom
Year 2009
Link Doomworld/idgames
Gameplay screenshot of the second map, showcasing the unique visual style, interface and custom enemies.

Virus is a total conversion for Doom II, created by James Cresswell (Phobus), built for the ZDoom source port. It contains 11 maps (ten regular plus one tutorial map), with most maps being designed by Phobus except for two guest contributions by Mike Ewer (Mik57) and Hnsolo77.

The game is set in the physical computer space, and the player takes the role of C735, a so-called "Spore-class inhabitant" functioning as a security apparatus of the computer, called into action to eliminate a powerful virus which has infected the computer and its inhabitants. This total conversion replaces virtually everything from the vanilla game, but unlike most TCs it is notable for featuring free flight throughout the entirety of the game, as well as sporting a unique, simplistic art style with monochrome textures of various colors. The colors represent different actions that can be performed, such as all purple walls acting as doors or lifts, white walls acting as switches, and blue flats acting as water which can be swam under. The enemies are a variety security drones gone astray and various types of computer viruses, while the weapons are actually upgrades to C735's gun, which fire a wide variety of projectiles.

The /idgames archive release, dating to 17 February 2009, was dubbed "Episode 1", and remains the only one to have been released. However, a Virus faction was included with Phobus' assistance as part of the multiplayer mod ZDoom Wars, featuring a greatly expanded enemy cast.


Custom weapons[edit]

The most basic attack C735 can use, it shoots a stream of low-damaging yellow bullets, but has infinite ammo, and thus can always be used (thing type 7000).
A stronger attack with a somewhat slower rate of fire, which launches bright red fireballs at targets for higher damage (type 7001).
Wall of death
A powerful weapon which fires eight blue projectiles in a box formation, very effective against any target but with a slower rate of fire (type 7002).

Custom monsters[edit]

A small purple enemy, shaped like a square bipyramid. It has 60 hit points (type 7021).
An infected spore, the same class as the player, firing blaster projectiles, and also dropping the weapon upon death. It has 100 hit points (type 7020).
Coming in floor-based and ceiling-bound variants, the turrets are immobile but fire volleys yellow projectiles at the player. It explodes violently upon being destroyed. It has 200 hit points (types 7022 and 7023).
Somewhat shaped like biological viruses, these small enemies propagate the infestation and can deal massive damage with their charged attack. It has 500 hit points (type 7025).
Mesh walker
A humanoid shaped, wireframe-based walking enemy, which can fire continuous blaster projectiles at the player, and also fire twin rockets from its shoulder-mounted rocket launchers. It has 2000 hit points (type 7024).
Corrupted by the virus, the Leader is a flying, almost airplane-shaped fast moving enemy which fires basic projectiles, blaster projectiles and twin rockets at the player. It has 2250 hit points (type 7026).
Land carrier
A colossal orange and blue tank which houses many enemies, it only shows up in the final cutscene and is not fought directly (type 7038).

Custom items[edit]

Apart from various health (+5, +20 and +100) and shield (+50, +100) items, several new powerups are also included:

A blue-coded powerup which will turn the player invisible for a period of time (type 7008).
A black-coded powerup, with the symbol of skull and bones, which will make the player's basic weapon instantly kill any enemy with one shot, albeit only lasting for a few seconds upon firing (type 7009).
Speed boost
A black-coded powerup which will make the player move much faster for a period of time (type 7010).
Mega power
A powerup with an exclamation mark, which instantly gives the player 300 health and 300 shield (type 7011).
Gives five blaster ammo and one death wall ammo (type 7012).
Super ammo
Gives ten blaster ammo and two death wall ammo (type 7013).
A floating marker for teleporters.

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