Voodoo doll skull pop teleportation

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As a consequence of the voodoo doll behavior present in the Doom engine and the gibbing effect added to Heretic where the player's bloody skull detaches from their body when they are gibbed, the player's view will be teleported to the location of a gibbing voodoo doll.

As contrived map layouts are required for this effect to occur, the bug is not typically seen. In 1995, a user going only by "Rich" created a demonstration map and accompanying demo, BALLS.WAD and BALLS.LMP, which demonstrate the effect using a firemace under the influence of a Tome of Power to gib the voodoo dolls.

The code function involved is A_SkullPop, which detaches the player's view from their main body and attaches it to a newly spawned skull gib.

It is possible for this bug to manifest in Hexen as well, but it is limited to the fighter there as the other classes do not use A_SkullPop in their gib deaths.