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WADINFO.TXT is the name of bot-operated Twitter and Tumblr accounts, created by Jean-Paul LeBreton.


The Twitter account is operative since April 6, 2014. Until April 11, 2015, it posted (twice a day) the name of a random PWAD or IWAD level, taken from Doomwiki's Category:Levels by name, in the format MAPxx: (Name). The first posted level name was E1M1: Hangar;[1] the last posted level name was MAP01: Into the Gate.[2]

The bot's name pool also contained a number of "easter eggs", names which were never actually used for any published level. These included names from LeBreton's cancelled megawad which would contain maps named after Nine Inch Nails songs[3], and level names from a fictional game series named "Warlock 2" which would feature within LeBreton's upcoming game.[4][5]

Since April 11, 2015, the Twitter account is used solely to tweet links to new posts at the WADINFO.TXT Tumblr account.


The Tumblr account is operative since April 8, 2015. Three times a day, it posted a screenshot from a random map in a random PWAD from the idgames archive, accompanied by a snippet of info taken from the PWAD's textfile. Originally, the screenshot was taken from one of the deathmatch starts. Later on, the bot used an algorithm where it teleported the player to the subsector from which the most complex scene could be seen.[6]

The first posted level screenshot came from MAP06, SwoodthisSwoodthat.wad, of hdsped02.wad.[7]

On November 14, 2017, the Tumblr account was put on hiatus, pending improvements to the bot's algorithms.[8]


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