Weapon upgrade

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Weapon upgrading is a mechanic in Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal which allows weapons and their mods to receive enhancements such as reduced reload or cool-down times, increased damage output, larger areas of effect, and other improvements. Weapon upgrades for most guns are unlocked for progression by acquiring their corresponding modification (exceptions include the UAC EMG pistol and the super shotgun, which do not accept modifications). The upgrades themselves are then purchased using weapon points, which are earned throughout the game by completing challenges, discovering secrets, and killing enemies.

Once all weapon upgrades have been unlocked for a particular modification or, in the cases of the pistol and super shotgun, for the weapon itself, a weapon mastery becomes available. A mastery is typically unlocked by completing a pre-determined task using that mod or weapon, such as killing a certain number of enemies, sometimes of a particular type or in a required way, such as killing with a headshot, or while the enemy has been stunned by the weapon. In Doom Eternal, rare items called mastery tokens can be used to bypass these challenges and unlock the mastery upgrades immediately.

For information on particular weapon upgrades, see the article for that particular weapon.