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Who Dun It
Title screen
Authors Various
Port Zandronum
Year 2012
Link Doomworld/idgames
Cacoward.png This mod received one of the 2012 Cacowards on Doomworld in the Multiplayer category!

Who Dun It, or WhoDunIt: The Art of Deception, is a PK3 for Doom II and the Zandronum source port, released by a team led by Aric Carpenter (Firewolf). It is a multiplayer-only mod, intended to be played on Survival Co-operative mode. The main level package consists of 13 maps by various mappers, but many additional levels were later made available in two additional mappacks.[1] Who Dun It received "Best Multiplayer" in the 2012 Cacowards.


At the start of each round, the map name and author is displayed, and a 30-second "safety" period starts, under which players are invulnerable. After the safety period expires, a player is randomly chosen as the murderer. The others are innocents. The murderer's goal in the game is to kill every innocent player, while the innocents try to survive and work as a team to kill the murderer. After all innocents die or the murderer is killed, the round ends, the murderer's name is revealed and his effectiveness score and victim count are displayed. Then the game switches to a new map, and the 30-second safety period starts again before a new murderer is selected.



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At a round start, the only weapon is the fist. Various melee weapons are scattered around the maps, and there is also a very limited amount of guns and ammo.


  • Fist is the basic melee weapon and it has two attack modes: a quicker and weaker punch with a bare fist, and a slower but stronger punch with a brass-knuckled fist. This is the weakest weapon in the game.
  • Steel pipe is a very common melee weapon. Its attack is relatively fast, and fairly strong too, but it has a short reach.
  • Wrench is a heavy and sturdy one. It is slow compared to the pipe, but it knocks back more and deals more damage.
  • Pool cue is mostly a supporting weapon. It has a far reach, and does a slow-down effect, but its damage is not very high.
  • Shovel is the slowest melee weapon. To counter this weakness, it packs a good punch and slows a bit.
  • Chainsaw is one of the more valuable weapons. It does fast and high damage, but its fuel can drain very fast.
  • Knife is exclusive to the murderer. Drawing it is loud and visible, making it easy to know that the wielding player is the murderer. It makes one run a bit faster, has a quick stab attack, and it can kill in one hit when stabbing the victim in the back.


  • Brick can be thrown quite far. It slows the victim and does good damage but needs to be picked up again after each throw. It comes from Sicamore's very own house.
  • Molotov Cocktail can be thrown at short ranges, creating a fiery area for up to five minutes. The fire damages anyone who walks through it.
  • Repeating crossbow fires bolts at very high speeds. The bolts can damage multiple players at a time and can be picked up again. The weapon has a very limited ammo capacity.
  • Beretta is a semi-automatic pistol. It fires quickly and can kill very fast. It is able to carry 36 bullets.
  • M1 Carbine is medium-ranged and has a limited ammo capacity but more intense firepower. Its biggest drawback is the weapon sometimes getting "jammed", unable to fire for a few seconds.
  • Shotgun is the slowest gun in the game and it has a wide pellet spread and extremely limited ammo. From up close, it can kill in one shot.

Inventory items[edit]

Available to all[edit]

  • Flare makes a bright burning light until it fizzles out.
  • Small medical kit instantly heals by 35 hit points.
  • Large medical pack generates a healing field around itself which runs out after about ten seconds.
  • Techno kit makes a short, few minute rave party with music and flashing dynamic lights when activated. The item is considered an Easter egg.


  • Smoke bomb emits a large amount of smoke, obscuring vision and giving time to the murderer to run away.
  • Sound emitter is a small device making knife noises to distract players.
  • Fake medkit looks like a normal small medkit, but on pickup it damages an innocent and releases a poisonous gas cloud.
  • Bertholite is a canister full of poison gas. It spreads out wide and does high damage.
  • Tripwire shotgun is a small automated shotgun which fires at anyone who crosses its line.
  • Video camera is a device the murderer can use to observe an area.

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