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Widescreen designates a screen aspect ratio wider than 4:3. Typical widescreen ratios are 16:9 and 16:10, though even wider ratios such as 21:9 also exist (sometimes referred to as "ultra-widescreen").

The Doom engine's original resolution of 320x200 corresponds to a logical 16:10 aspect ratio; however, it was not intended for widescreen displays, but to be stretched vertically into the equivalent of 320x240. For this reason, a "lazy" way to support widescreen resolutions is to simply withhold aspect ratio correction, resulting in a squashed image. Proper widescreen support requires instead rendering additional areas on the side (effectively increasing the player's field of vision), but runs into the problem that many graphics, such as the title screen or the status bar, are only 320 texels wide. This is typically addressed by addition of borders and is known as pillarboxing.

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Official ports that support widescreen:

Third party source ports that support widescreen resolutions include:

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