WildWeasel's Doom Armory

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WildWeasel's Doom Armory was a website maintained by Corwin Brence (WildWeasel) that specialized in weapon mods for Doom, though there were some reviews for mods designed for Heretic and Hexen. During its presence on the net, it contained mod reviews with in-depth scores, tutorials for specific effects or concepts, and also served as the hosting point for all of WildWeasel's own mods.

The Doom Armory was originally launched as a Tripod site on May 1st, 2004, and eventually spawned its own InvisionFree forum with a small following. On July 2nd, 2005, the Doom Armory moved to the webspace of DRD Team, complete with a brand new site redesign in PHP courtesy of Jan Cholasta (Grubber). The site remained there until March 26th, 2009, when the DRD Team forum upgraded to phpBB3 and consequently broke many of the links to old content. On August 24th, 2010, WildWeasel quietly left DRD Team, effectively closing down the Armory.

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