WinMBF is a source port project by Team Eternity. It is a direct port of MBF by Lee Killough to operating systems that support the SDL library. It removes the original low-level system code and replaces it with a modification of the code used by the Eternity Engine.

Changes in WinMBF include numerous bug fixes to fatal errors that were in contained in the Boom and MBF codebases, support for windowed and fullscreen video modes, ability to adjust the zone heap size, and improved behavior of the sound engine including a higher sample rate. Gameplay problems in the ancestral ports are not addressed, in order to ensure 100% demo compatibility is retained.

Unlike MBF, WinMBF is available only under the terms of the GPL, since it was based on the GPL-patched MBF source and additionally contains code from Eternity, SMMU, PrBoom, and Chocolate Doom.

Build 3 of the port, which is currently in development hell, will include screen scaling, more bug fixes, further sound engine adjustments, improved mouse handling, ENDOOM support, and ability to run on multicore processors.

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