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WolfenDOOM is a series of Doom mods which use the graphics from Wolfenstein 3D to recreate the complete Wolfenstein game using the Doom engine. The author, Laz Rojas, has also gone beyond the original Wolfenstein levels by creating some brand new scenarios.

WolfenDOOM includes support for the Apple Macintosh version of Doom in addition to the more common PC version.

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Original scenarios:


  • The original releases of The Original Missions, The Nocturnal Missions and Spear of Destiny rely on a separate executable, being a custom source modification, derived from Boom. It is often stated that they use version 2.02 of the engine, but at least the Spear of Destiny executable includes a diff file comparing its changes with Boom version 2.01. Each of these modified executables was coded by Joel Murdoch. The filenames of these executables are:
    • The Original Missions: ORIGINAL.EXE.
    • The Nocturnal Missions: NOCTURN.EXE.
    • Spear of Destiny: SOD.EXE.