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The Wraithverge is a weapon from Hexen. Parias the Cleric uses this weapon. It is an ornate cross-shaped staff with a large red gem on the end. Like the Quietus and Bloodscourge, the Wraithverge needs to be assembled from different segments—shaft, cross and arc—found throughout the game.

The Wraithverge is the most destructive weapon in the game. When fired, it shoots a sphere of spiritual energy which splits into four ghosts (wraiths) that rend and tear at enemies that get in their way. The ghosts can, however, be turned against the player if they fire the Wraithverge at any monster that is in protect mode (the Heresiarch's reflective barrier, the Mage's Icon of the Defender, and Centaur/Slaughtaur in shield stance before the ghosts split from the original projectile) or if they are repelled with a Disc of Repulsion. It is thus wise to maintain a stock of Discs of Repulsion of your own, when unleashing Wraithverge on certain foes.

The Wraithverge is also the most mana-consuming weapon in the game, requiring 18 of each kind of mana.


Wraithverge data
Weapon number 4
Damage 4-32 (per wraith)
Included mana 20 Green & 20 Blue per piece (30 on skill 1 & 5)
Mana use 18 Green & 18 Blue
Shot type Projectile
Velocity 30 map units per tic
(1050 map units per second)
Shots per minute ? projectiles
Damage per second ?
Sound SAMPLE11 (assembly)
HOLY3 (firing)
SPIRT7 (wraith seeking)
SPIRT5 (wraith attacking)
SPIRTS1 (wraith dieing)
Appears in Hexen
Thing type 20 (Shaft decimal), 14 (Shaft hex)
19 (Cross decimal), 13 (Cross hex)
18 (Arc decimal), 12 (Arc hex)
Radius 20
Height 16
Sprite WCH3 (Shaft before pickup)
WCH2 (Cross before pickup)
WCH1 (Arc before pickup)
CHLY (wielded)
SPIR (wraith)
SPIR (impact)
Class Weapon
Weapons from Hexen
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Parias (Cleric) Mace of Contrition Serpent Staff Firestorm Wraithverge
Daedolon (Mage) Sapphire Wand Frost Shards Arc of Death Bloodscourge