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This is for the UNIX source port. For the ZDaemon source port, see X-Doom.

XDoom is a source port for UNIX and UNIX-like systems written by Udo Munk. It can play levels created for Boom and includes several new features, some of which are not seen in other ports. The last version was in 2001.


  • compatibility with Boom editing features
  • MUS music playback on systems supporting the OSS MIDI interface
  • playback of music from audio CDs
  • joystick support under Linux
  • translucent walls, fireballs, and explosions
  • a sound for the chaingun separate from the pistol
  • an in-game communications device
  • laser barriers and force fields
  • horizontally sliding doors
  • simple magnification to play on screens up to a resolution of 1280x800
  • support for The X Window System, SVGALib and 3DFX Glide framebuffers


Main article: XWadTools

Originally made for XDoom is a file package called XWADTools. The collection includes a WAD level compiler, ACS script compiler, graphics resources compiler, node builders, tools to extract and import raw data into WAD files, and a GUI map editor.

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