Doom II title screen; the options menu is not available.

The Ultimate Doom and Doom II were included in Doom 3 Collector's Edition for the Xbox, which was released in 2005. This port includes two exclusive levels, "Sewers" for the Ultimate Doom and "Betray" for Doom II. It features splitscreen multiplayer but no support for networked play. The port was programmed by Vicarious Visions. The Xbox version of Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil also contains the Ultimate Doom and Doom II, as well as Master Levels for Doom II.


The Xbox port appears to be a relatively rushed and simple port of the Linux version of the game. It is somewhat limited in functionality, and has a few bugs and design quirks.

  • The screen resolution is 320x240, rather than the 320x200 of the original game, the 480i minimum output resolution of the Xbox, or any of the 480p/720p/1080i HDTV outputs offered by the Xbox. There is also no option to adjust gamma, so its appearance may be washed out on some TV sets.
  • Sound effects play back at the "low" sampling rate that the DOS version defaults to, and not the high sampling rate that is selectable from the configuration dialog (or that is used in most other versions of the game). Thus, sound quality is not as crisp as in other versions.
  • Music playback is roughly four beats slower than the original DOS version.
  • Sound effects are played as if their sample rate was 11025 Hz. As a result, the few sound effects that are sampled at 22050 Hz, such as DSDBLOAD, are slowed down.
  • Sound effects have randomized pitches.
  • Multiplayer supports only one console, up to four players. There is no support for link cable or Xbox Live.
  • The splitscreen multiplayer runs each player's screen in a quadrant of the TV screen, no matter how many players are in the session. If only two or three players are in a match, the unused quadrants of the screen are black.
  • Difficulty cannot be selected when playing multiplayer, so all games are played at the default level of Hurt Me Plenty.
  • Monsters cannot be enabled for deathmatch games, nor can deathmatch II rules (with respawning items) be enabled.
  • Controls cannot be remapped.
  • In Ultimate Doom, due to an engine bug, only the sky from Episode 1 is displayed across all four Episodes. (Activision, the publisher, actually denies this is a bug, mistakenly claiming that the entire game takes place on Mars.)
  • In Doom II, the super shotgun is located in the wrong location in the weapon cycling order - instead of being placed between the shotgun and the chaingun, it is placed between the fist and the chainsaw, making it difficult to cycle to quickly.
  • Cheat codes exist, but activating them is different - the player simply needs to hold one of the shoulder triggers, and press any one of the four face buttons consecutively. Each face button triggers a different cheat. The face button of choice does not need to be pressed in rapid succession; as long as no other button press "interrupts" the cheat input, the cheat will toggle. In fact, the cheat codes are so easy to activate, that accidentally entering a cheat code during "normal" gameplay is commonplace.
  • Some sound glitches occur during play on Xbox 360 due to incompatibility conflicts.
  • The Master Levels on Xbox RoE are implemented as a separate XBE file called doommaster.xbe, which launches the WAD files in alphabetical order.


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