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Authors Jeffrey Graham, Joseph Otey
Port ZDoom
Year 2008
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ZBlood is a total conversion that runs on the ZDoom engine, released February 1, 2008 and designed by Jeffrey Graham (psyren) and Joseph Otey (Doorhenge). It is based on Blood TC.


  • Standalone game, unlike Blood TC it doesn't require Doom II to work.
  • Updated monsters behavior and weapons.
  • Slight changes to levels featured in Blood TC.
  • Over 20 new Levels ported.
  • Updated status bar with new graphics.


The story is the same from Blood TC, It is set in the year after the original Blood events.

"After your victory over the dark god Tchernobog, you finally return to your grave for a little R&D - rest and decomposition. It has been nearly a year since your encounter at the Hall of Epiphany, but you seem troubled. Somehow it was too easy to dispose of the dark lord. It's almost as though he wanted you to beat him. Suddenly you stir. In your mind you can hear your once master laughing, his voice taunting you. You can then take it no longer and decide to awaken once again and confront the Cabal." --zBLUDv41.txt


First section of MAP14: the Siege

Much like Doom, in ZBlood, the player must navigate through the maze-like levels of each episode, seeking keys or activating switches to enable progress, looking for the goal that ends the level, although levels include various new elements such as breakable walls, swimmable water and different other types of new level gimmicks.

The player's progress is further complicated by different types of traps, including crushing blocks, explosive barrels, lava pits, precarious platforms, jumping puzzles and monsters and enemies spread around the levels.

Players can also access a wide range of new weapons and power-ups that are available in levels, whether they are placed in plain sight or hidden in secret areas.


ZBlood includes 10 new weapons; Pitchfork, Dynamite and Revolver have only one type of attack, while the rest of weapons have secondary fire attacks.

  • Pitchfork acts like Doom fists.
  • Flare Gun Primary fire releases a single flare which lodges into enemies flesh, while secondary fire releases a burst of flares.
  • Sawed-Off Shotgun Primary fire fires one barrel, while secondary fires both barrels at once.
  • Tommy Gun Primary fire fires bullets at rapid rate, while secondary sprays bullets across a room.
  • Napalm Launcher Primary fire releases a flaming ball of napalm which explodes on impact and deals after burn damage, while secondary fire releases a ball of flame which explodes on ground.
  • Dynamite TNT has only one primary attack which releases TNT that explodes on impact. Known as TNT and Zippo in-game.
  • Aerosol Can Primary fire unleashes flame projectiles which act like Doom's plasma gun, while secondary attack lights one up like a Molotov cocktail to toss into crowds.
  • Life leech Primary fire unleashes a series of searing orbs at a high rate.
  • Voodoo Doll Primary fire stabs the doll in different areas to remove opponent's life force, while secondary fire releases a blue voodoo spirit that acts like a BFG blast.


Most of ZBlood items are simple replacements of Doom items, although they have been updated in its forks to work similar to their Blood counterparts.

  • Body Armor gives player 100 armor points.
  • Super Armor gives player 200 armor points.
  • Guns Akimbo makes player carry two weapons at once, currently this only works on Flare Gun, Sawed-Off, Tommy Gun and Napalm Launcher.
  • Life Seed gives player 100 health points, up to 200 total. Similar to a supercharge in Doom.
  • Reflective Shots gives player 200 health and armor points, similar to megasphere and is called Health Orb in-game.
  • Rage acts like a berserk pack, reddening the screen and increasing the power of the pitchfork.
  • Ammo Satchel acts like backpack, allowing players to carry more ammo.
  • Cloak of Shadows acts like partial invisibility, making it harder for enemies to target player.
  • Death Mask acts like invulnerability, preventing damage
  • Beast Vision acts like light amplification visor, making the area completely bright.
  • Scroll Map acts like computer area map, revealing the map of the level.


ZBlood features total of 25 Levels, 24 of these are based on the original Blood levels and one secret level, due to engine limitations some of these level layouts are inaccurate. They may lack some of the original level gimmicks and may contain sections that are completely altered to work within ZDoom capabilities, so features like non-Euclidean geometry that are common to Build engine games may not be possible.

Singleplayer and cooperative[edit]

Secret levels[edit]

Deathmatch levels[edit]


Two years after ZBlood was discontinued, several forks appeared, some aimed at completing the project where it was left while others attempted to bring it even closer to the original game.


  • ZBloody Hell: Based on ZBloodX, the goal is to bring the project even closer to the original game, solving several issues that ZBloodX suffered from and adding features that didn't make it to the latter. This fork features voxels, improved monster behavior, updated weapons and balanced levels difficulty as well as several other bug fixes and new levels. This fork also brings ZBlood back to standalone game state.
  • BlooM: Based on ZBlood, a Doom and Blood crossover designed to bring all of the enemies weapons and environment elements from Blood to the Doom universe.


  • ZBloodX: A multiplayer focused fork of ZBlood, it was known for being the closest to Blood in term of gameplay, but was also extremely difficult and suffered several balance issues and bugs. It also featured new custom levels, due to changes made to ZBloodX it is no longer standalone and must be run with Doom II. The project stopped receiving updates since 2014 and is therefore considered discontinued.
  • ZBlood v5.1: This version has relatively unknown origins, it was found on several WAD sharing sites. This version features more levels based on Blood, with updates on the existing levels to make them resemble the original levels and updated weapons, powerups and monsters. It also featured more multiplayer levels as well as CTF support with Bloodbath announcer The Voice added.
  • ZBlood+: This was yet another continuation to the original ZBlood, this fork took advantage of GZDoom's enhanced features such as dynamic lights and 3D models and featured improved weapons and enemies. The project stopped receiving updates since 2012 and is therefore considered discontinued.

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