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ZDoomZ (MetaViewSoft) multiplayer on two Palm TX devices over Bluetooth Serial.

Codebase Linux Doom 1.10
Developer(s) YoyoFR (Official), MetaViewSoft (Unofficial)
Initial release 1.0 (2005-03-06, 18 years ago)
Latest release 1.2 (2005-03-29, 18 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C
Target Platform PalmOS (ARM)
License Doom Source License
Website yoyofr92.free.fr/zdoomz
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ZDoomZ is a Doom Source port for ARM PalmOS devices. Despite the name, it is not based off ZDoom but rather Linux Doom 1.10.

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Source code genealogy
Based on Name Base for
Linux Doom 1.10 ZDoomZ ZDoomZ (MetaViewSoft) 2.1
ZDoomZ 1.2 ZDoomZ (MetaViewSoft) 2.1 None