ZDoom Wars

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ZDoom Wars
Title screen
Author Dylan Sanchez
Ports Skulltag, Zandronum
Year 2008
Link Zandronum forum thread

ZDoom Wars is a Doom II mod for the Skulltag (and later Zandronum) source ports, originally created by Dylan Sanchez (Captain Ventris), starting in July 1, 2008 and unveiled to the public a week later. The mod is inspired by real-time strategy video games and especially by DoomWars, a 2000 mod for Doom Legacy by Martin Collberg (Yoghurt) which saw players trying to kill eachother by summoning monsters instead of fighting with weapons. Using ample DECORATE and ACS, ZDoom Wars expands on the original idea by featuring multiple player classes each based off a popular Doom engine game or TC, with six playable characters in total.

Each player can summon monsters from their own class at the cost of mana, which automatically recharges or may be found in the maps, or collected from fallen enemies. The summoned monsters will be loyal to a player and attack not just other players but also monsters belonging to them, resulting in large scale battles with hundreds if not thousands of monsters on each side. ZDoom Wars is best played on wide open maps, and for this reason, it comes with an official mappack, containing 45 maps made by a variety of authors to battle it out. Due to its popularity, the mod also has seen a large number of fan-made addons for it.

ZDoom Wars further contains two unique soundtracks, a "high res" one larger in filesize, or a "low res one" for people wishing for a smaller filesize. After Captain Ventris stepped down from the project in 2011, it came to be led first by Sedine Stanciu (Grymmette) and then by Repo Man. The latest official version of ZDoom Wars is 3.15d, whereas the latest official version of the mapset is 1.8d.



ZDoom Wars is played in the Last Man Standing (or Team Last Man Standing) setting, and allows the player to pick one of six different classes in the game, all of whom have unique monsters they can summon as well as different abilities and upgrades for the monsters themselves. Summoning monsters requires mana, of which two types exist, regular (green) mana and "hero" (purple) mana. Mana regenerates automatically, but may also be found scattered throughout the maps or dropped by fallen monsters. Initially, only a few types of monsters are available to summon, but summoning a certain amount of specific types of monsters allows to advance in the "tech tree", unlocking new monsters to summon as well as new abilities to trigger.

Though orders to the spawned creates cannot be given directly, spawned monsters will loosely follow the player's movement, and will engage in combat with any monsters spawned by opposing players that are within targeting distance. Certain monsters have attack types that are more effective against other types of monsters, so care must be taken in balancing out the monster composition in a given battle. Typically, matches are resolved once the losing player no longer has enough mana or monsters to replenish an attack, leading to being surrounded and killed by opposing monsters. Players themselves are defenseless, but have great speed and very high jumping distance, allowing them to quickly dart in and out of dangerous situations and summon monsters in specific spots in the middle of a battle.


  • Doomguy: Doomguy is able to spawn all the Hell demons from Doom and Doom II.
  • Corvus: The protagonist of Heretic, Corvus can summon the various minions of D'Sparil in battle.
  • Daedolon: The mage from Hexen, he has the monsters of Korax at his disposal.
  • Strifeguy: The rebel commando from Strife, he can spawn the various Order soldiers and machines.
  • Chex warrior: The main character from the Chex Quest series, having access to the various flemoids from all three games.
  • C375: The protagonist of the Virus total conversion, it has access to all the creatures from that mod plus several unique ones exclusive to ZDoom Wars.
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