Magier build

Developer(s) Eric Söderberg (Cire)
Initial release PWAD (2016-08-20, 7 years ago)
Development status Halted
Target Platform Hexen source ports
License ISC license
Source Repository


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Zauberer is a project to create a free software/open source Hexen IWAD file equivalent to HEXEN.WAD. Combined with the free source code, this results in a complete Doom-based game. This is the Hexen equivalent to Freedoom, Blasphemer and Animosity. All assets in Zauberer are licensed under the ISC license.

The title of the project is German for wizard(s) or sorcerer(s), in reference to the name "Hexen", which means witches in German.

Zauberer is still in early development. It was set to have a primarily post-apocalyptic Ancient Egyptian theme. The project has mostly been maintained by Eric Söderberg (Cire), with other repositories maintained by Ayub Ahmed (Voros) and Snakecharmer. Designs were drafted for the three player classes, as well as a handful of enemy types, although none are complete sprite sheets at the moment.

The map set Shades of Darkness by ShadesMaster had been offered to the project, but it was never merged in, leaving only the Ice Prison test map.

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