Zero-Master is a Norwegian Doom speedrunner who, as of June 2023, submitted more than 250 demos to the Doom Speed Demo Archive. Together with Ryan Krafnick (Kraflab), Zero-Master also created and maintains the DSDA website.

Citing his prowess at the game and numerous pioneering achievements, in 2020 the speedrunner and independent gaming journalist Karl Jobst named Zero-Master as the greatest Doom player of all time.[1] Jobst frequently covers some of Zero-Master's more significant achievements on his channel, such as his tool-assisted 100% run of Nuts,[2] pacifist run of Underhalls, his all-ghosts effect speeedruns, and his 100% run of Phobos Anomaly.

Speedrunning achievements[edit]

UV pacifist[edit]

Zero-Master was the first player who completed the UV pacifist runs for the following maps:

In October 2023, he completed a tool-assisted stroller run of the entirety of Doom II.[4]

Nightmare! and NM100S[edit]

Zero-Master was the first ever player who completed both Nightmare! and NM100S runs for TNT: Evilution. In addition, he completed NM100S runs with world records for every episode of Ultimate Doom, Doom II and The Plutonia Experiment.

Other 100% kills and/or 100% secrets runs[edit]

Zero-Master also was the first player who discovered how to use the pain elemental to get broken secrets on the Industrial Zone map from Doom II and the Bunker map from The Plutonia Experiment. He was congratulated by John Romero himself for this discovery.[5] So he became the first player ever who completed a true UV-Max run for Industrial Zone and a NM100S run for Bunker. Shortly after this he pulled off the first DOOM II NS Run with getting 100% secrets for all maps.

In August 2023, Zero-Master claimed the first ever 100%-kill Ultra-Violence run of Phobos Anomaly, in which he managed to kill every monster on the level, including in the final death-exit room. The run clocked at 1:51.57, making it slower than the UV Max record on Doom Speed Demo Archive, where the requirement to kill monsters in the final room was waived.[6]

Zero-Master has additionally released some tool-assisted runs. Perhaps the most ambitious of these was the UV max of the infamous Nuts map, for which killing all of the 850 cyberdemons can only be accomplished by amassing a trail of over 70,000 revenant homing missiles. This ended up requiring Zero-Master to create precise input macros to kite the rockets, and the automated macro portion of the run took 23 days to execute on his laptop. After manually completing the run, he made a lengthy YouTube video about it.[7]

Another notable TAS is the UV -fast run with 100% kills of Okuplok Slaughter Map. In this run he lost health only twice from damaging floors.

Other achievements[edit]

In 2017, he discovered the zero press.

In June 2022, he set the records for Phobos Anomaly at 17 seconds and for Hunted at 9 seconds by exploiting the all-ghosts effect.

Modern Doom games[edit]

Zero-Master also speedruns the modern Doom games. He had the world's first successful Ultra-Nightmare 100% run of Doom 2016; this video on his YouTube channel has more than 2 million views.[8] His 100% Ultra-Nightmare run of Doom Eternal has been viewed more than 1 million times.[9]

Current Compet-n records[edit]

The following data was last verified in its entirety on July 17, 2020.

Level runs for the PWADs[edit]

Zero-Master holds one map record for Alien Vendetta.

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