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Codebase AmigaDoom 0.3
Developer(s) Steffen Haeuser
Initial release 0.1 (January 1998, 25 years ago)
Latest release 1.1 (1998-05-01, 25 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C
Target Platform Amiga (PPC)
License Doom Source License

ZhaDoomPPC was a early source port of Doom for the Amiga, based on AmigaDoom version 0.3. It was created by Steffen Haeuser alongside its lesser known 68k based version, ZhaDoom68K. It targets Amiga's with PowerPC accelerators.


ZhaDoomPPC initially started off as a port of AmigaDoom 0.3 to the StormC compiler, before going its own way. The first version for PPC was 0.13. This version still contained a lot of debugging code for both versions of the executable.

After several intermediate versions got out, mainly ironing out the debugging code out of the executable, the first real stepping stones appeared: Experimental network support was introduced in 0.17, with mouse, joystick and joypad support following a few versions later in 0.22. Progress continued, with sound support appearing in 0.3 and the ability to run the game in a Workbench window at version 0.4.

Bug fixed versions continued to be made, resulting in version 0.6 which introduced the first so called Hi-res modes to the port, namely 480x200, 640x200 and 640x400, along with IPX networking support. 640x200 was however dropped with the next release version 0.9, along with ZhaDoom68K (which therefore remained stuck at 0.6). Further refinements were now introduced through assembly, and even higher resolutions were introduced: 800x600 arrived in version 0.95, with the 480x200 mode dropped.

Despite lacking DeHackEd support, ZhaDoomPPC gained more features: The ability to jump and fly got introduced in version 1.0, with a MMU hack to get 640x400 resolution running smoothly introduced in 1.1, along with some minor bug fixes.


ZhaDoomPPC had several features unique to it, such as the (for its time) high resolution support of maximum 800x600. However using such resolutions came with a severe performance penalty, making it playable on only but the highest performing PowerPC processors. Its jumping and especially flying support still remain rather unique even today, the latter only being achieved on PC with mods.

Version 1.1 was the last version of the port, being released on May 1, 1998. Despite its unique features, it could not quite match ADoomPPC, neither in resolution support, nor in DeHackEd support as ZhaDoomPPC never received it, despite being mentioned as such in development notes.


  • High resolution support. This was done through several separate executables. As of version 1.1, ZhaDoomPPC supports:
    • ZhaDoomPPCLowRes.exe - 320x200 resolution
    • ZhaDoomPPCHiRes.exe - 640x400 resolution
    • ZhaDoomPPCBigRes.exe - 800x600 resolution
  • Works with AGA
  • RTG support, allows standardized resolutions and true colour screens to be available through common SVGA adapters
  • Support for jumping and flying
  • Music and sound support
  • Mouse and joystick support, as well as support for the CD32 joypad
  • Can run in a Workbench window
  • Visible FPS counter
  • Network support


ZhaDoomPPC requires a Amiga with AmigaOS 3.0+ along with the WarpOS kernel, and a PowerPC processor with 8MB of RAM.


  • ZhaDoom is named after Z'Ha'Dum, the planet of the Shadows in the television series Babylon 5.

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