Zombie (Doom Eternal)

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Four major zombie variants in Doom Eternal. Left to right: Earth zombie, Hell zombie, cultist zombie, and mecha zombie.

Zombies are a returning enemy type in Doom Eternal. They resemble traditional zombies more than their Doom (2016) counterparts.


  • Earth zombies look like emaciated humans with glowing yellow eyes, a pair of brown pants, and a pentagram on their head.
  • Hell zombies do not have any visible eyes and instead have several crest-like structures on their forehead and concave chests.
  • Zombie cultists wear a ruined and bloodied UAC labcoat.

Tactical analysis[edit]

Like the possessed scientists before them, zombies are sluggish, have low health (200 hp), and are restricted to weak melee attacks. They should be chiefly considered as targets for glory kills, the flame belch or the chainsaw, depending on the player's current need for health, armor, and ammo respectively. They have only 100 hp during stagger, so it is easy to mistakenly kill them when going for glory kills.

Glory kills[edit]

  • The Slayer grabs the zombie and hammers his fist down into its head, crushing its neck into its torso.
  • The Slayer punches the zombie, then slices off its head and the left half of its torso.
  • The Slayer tears off the zombie's right arm and uses it to destroy its skull.
  • The Slayer plunges the Doomblade into its chest and rips it upward, splitting the zombie in half.
  • The Slayer stomps on the zombie's leg, grabs it by the throat and tears off its head.
  • The Slayer sweeps the zombie's legs out from under it and breaks its back across his knee.
  • The Slayer grabs the zombie by the arm and punches off its head.
  • The Slayer cuts the zombie in half and then decapitates it.
  • The Slayer kicks the zombie in the back and then punches it in the face.
  • The Slayer caves in the zombie's skull with a punch or a stomp.
  • The Slayer stomps on the zombie's right leg and then breaks its neck.
  • The Slayer grabs the zombie's head and breaks its neck.
  • The Slayer grabs the zombie by the head and forces it's neck against his knee which breaks its neck.


Humans that are corrupted into serving Hell lose their humanity, giving up their souls in return for promises of power. What is left is a mockery of their former selves.



  • Within the Cultist Base, a special type of zombie in red cultist garb can be seen worshipping the hologram of Deag Ranak, who is barking orders at the demons to stop the Slayer from reaching him. Unlike the other variations, these zombies are not hostile and can be killed (mainly to stock up on resources if needed).
  • In regards to general aesthetic, zombie cultists appear to resemble possessed scientists while both the Hell and Earth zombies resemble the Unwilling.
  • In a humorous post-credits scene, an Earth zombie can be seen playing with the figurines of the Slayer and the tyrant before the Slayer himself is seen behind the zombie cocking his shotgun (much to the zombie's panic).
  • By viewing the Earth zombie in the collectible viewer, you can see it is wearing a shirt and pants that are now fused to its skin.

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