Zone 15: Final Battle Zone (Super Sonic Doom)


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Final Battle Zone is the fifteenth and last zone of Super Sonic Doom.

Ok, it looks like you made it to the last zone in which you will face the Firestarter.

Act 1 Begins in a passageway with every weapon kind for you to pick up, plus armor and ammo. In the next room is a boss, The Firestarter's Greatest Creation! Once you defeat this guy, the Firestarter confirms he is going to make you face the hoards instead, another boss. This boss is a giant machine that generates enemies, shoots different kinds of bullets like Plasma bolts, electric bolts e.t.c. and is target base, to get the targets to show up, there are several switches in the room that makes one of the targets show up so you can shoot it. Once you defeat the boss, the place will start to explode which means that you have to hurry and exit the place, once out, he will confirm "Jetpack On" and moving to Act 2.

Act 2 Starts like in SEGA's Sonic and Knuckles DOOMSDAY ZONE, where you will have to fly towards the ship thats flying away and shoot the target that appears while dodging bullets and bolts being shot at you by the ship. When you defeat the boss, the ship will be parked under you, so you then aboard the ship from the top. Once on it, the Firestarter will be there and you will have to fight him. Once you defeat him, you must blow up the ship and evacuate. Thats the end of the game YOU WON!